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Promenade X: Kenan’s house by Galata Tower (II)

At the building next to Galata Tower is located Kenan and Afife’s apartment at the Turkish serial Dudaktan Kalbe (From the lips to the heart)(1). I went there twice searching for the place. On March 2012 and on December 2013.

kismet 72 1

kismet 64 2

2013-12-10 13.05.19I was absolutely thrilled to discover the building where Kenan and Lamia spent time together.  Here i am, in a rainy day, on December 10th. Nothing can stop me from going near the building, i go, i smell the traces of my favorite TV heroes, i am so close to them once more. Have they ever existed? I don’t care, i have felt so many emotions together with them, following their life, feeling less lonely. 2013-12-10 13.05.21 2013-12-10 13.05.56 2013-12-10 13.06.22 2013-12-10 13.06.28 2013-12-10 13.06.39 2013-12-10 13.06.45

Lamia is standing by the window, watching Kenan leave. She then takes a big decision, a decision that will change her life.

kismet 64 2b kismet 64 2c kismet 64 2d

As for me i am wondering, at which window Lamia is standing?? Must be the one on the left, on the first floor..

2013-12-10 13.05.56

(1) Dudaktan Kalbe was shown at the Greek Tv by Antenna Channel. Photos from the serial are from Youtube